What is Engage ATS?
We are excited to announce that The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) has launched its own online community called Engage ATS! This online community is designed for ATS members to engage one another in important discussions, to promote peer learnings, and to build shared resources to enhance their work in supporting graduate theological education.


Why Engage ATS?
The ATS Board of Directors affirmed a strategic priority to broaden and deepen engagement among and across the ATS membership. In response, ATS launched Engage ATS, inviting those who serve ATS schools to network with one another, to share important resources, to generate community conversations on issues relevant to particular areas of work, and to dialogue with colleagues on a range of topics in theological education through an open forum. There are also smaller communities designed specifically for particular groups to engage in distinctive matters regarding their areas of work, such as academic deans, financial officers, etc.

The mission of ATS is to promote the improvement and enhancement of theological schools to the benefit of communities of faith and the broader public. ATS fulfills this mission in many ways, including leadership education for administrators, faculty, and other stakeholders. Leadership education is designed around communities of practice that offer support through peer networking and shared knowledge, encourage a deeper sense of vocation, and develop the possibility of innovative ideas, new skills, and proven tools to excel in their work. ATS believes that Engage ATS will improve its work with its member schools by promoting collective wisdom both from within and outside of graduate theological education.